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At Freaky Fast Bail Bonds, we bail hundreds of individuals out of the Ramsey County Jail in St. Paul, MN each and every year.  With so much local experience, we understand the concerns of Ramsey County Residents in that position, and their number one concern is getting out of jail fast.  It seems obvious, who wants to sit in jail any longer than they have to?  But many other bail bond companies don’t see to realize the importance of fast service and fast results. At Freak Fast Bail Bonds, it is our primary goal to handle your issue quickly and completely, getting you out of jail fast! We rely on our professional, efficient bail agents to get the ball rolling.  When you call in, their years of experience will show through their knowledgeable answers to your questions and fast service.  Payment options can be negotiated and confirmed entirely over the phone, expediting the process.  While the bail agents certainly play a huge rule in getting your bond created faster, we also have secret weapon when it comes to your bond’s implementation at Freaky Fast Bail Bonds that will speed up the entire process.  Because we are a local company, we have a strong history with the Ramsey County Jail and our bail agents have good relationships with many of the employs there as a result. This allows us to get better service from them, get our bonds processed more quickly and you released from jail sooner.  And at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.


The bail agents at Freaky Fast Bail Bonds love working with the Ramsey County Jail and the citizens of Ramsey County.  In addition to helping the speed in which we can meet your needs, this local connection also helps us serve you better.  We want your experience working with the bail agents from Freaky Fast Bail Bonds to be both efficient and pleasant.  Since our bail agents are local and know Ramsey County well, we share your values and will treat you like an individual.  The bail agents will take the time to answer all of your questions completely, offer you a wide range of payment styles to fit your budget and lifestyle, work within your schedule and timetable, and fully explain any part of the process you may need help understanding.  Additionally, Freaky Fast Bail Bonds can help with warrant checks and warrant searches if needed. If you need help with any bail bond or warrant search issue within Ramsey County, please do not hesitate to call the fastest bail bond company around at Freaky Fast Bail Bonds today.


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