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A bail bond fulfills a number of important purposes for both the defendant and the state.  If you are arrested on a charge and placed in jail, a bail bond gives you an option to get out of bail when you are unable to pay the entire sum.  You pay a listened bail bond company who specializes in this type of service a fee.  That fee can be provided in a number of ways.  For example, bail agents can take collateral in the form of property, cares, or other items. Or the payment can be paid in full up-front, or we can work out a payment plan over time.  The bail company that issued your bond is liable for you appearing in court for your hearing, and will have to pay the money to state for your entire bail if you fail to be present.  The good news for you can spend less time in jail.  Many companies can negotiate bonds and get them implemented very quickly, meaning you don’t have to continue sitting in jail.


Each year, Hennepin County processes the most bail bonds of any county in Minnesota.  This is due to its large size, with more cities and people than any other county in the state. If you are arrested and placed in the Hennepin County Jail, there are a number of bail bonds companies available for you to use to obtain your bail.  Bail bonds are sensitive business, and your money and your freedom are serious issues.  They are too important to trust to a company with bail agents you can’t relate to or get results from.  That is why we recommend using Freaky Fast Bail Bonds.  They are based in Minnesota and everyone one of their bail agents lives here themselves, with many living in Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Edina, and St. Louis Park. Their headquarters are Bloomington, MN.  Freaky Fast Bail Bonds is different than other bail companies because it is locally based.  Its local status has a number of benefits for you if you are looking to obtain a bail bond of assistance with warrant searches.  First, it means their bail agents at Freaky Fast Bail Bonds know the area.  They share your values and can relate to you on a personal level. We have helped hundreds of your neighbors and friends in situations like the one you are facing today, so they are a trusted source to call.  And second, since they only work locally and deal with the Hennepin County Jail every day, they have close personal relationship that mean your bail gets processed quickly and you get out of jail sooner.



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