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If you, a family member, or a friend, are in the Dakota County Jail in Minnesota and need help obtaining a ball bond, there is only one call you need to make: Freaky Fast Bail Bonds.  The name doesn’t lie- Freaky Fast Bail Bonds differentiates itself because it provides lighting fast service.  We know first-hand that the people of Dakota County are hard-working, no-nonsense kind of people. You like fast service in everything in your life from the grocery store to the DMV, but if there is ever a time when you really need fast service, it has got to be when you need to get yourself of someone you care about out of jail. If you need assistance with a warrant search or with obtaining a bail bond, we are here to help immediately.  You will not have to wait for answers to your questions or to receive a call back.  We have a large staff of experienced ball agents who will help you with your concerns right away.  But most importantly of all, at Freaky Fast Bail Bonds we have a strong, proven track record of getting defendants released form the Dakota County Jail fast.


How do we do?  There are a few keys to our success, and while we don’t want to give anything away to our competition, it is important that you understand how we are able to provide superior service.  After all, you are from Dakota County . . . you are self-reliant and not easily swayed by a salesman.  First, we have a great staff of bail agents.  Are bail agents are all experienced and trustworthy.  Their job does not just consist of selling you a bond and making a commission.  Part of their job is based on how well they assist you, answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable.  Additionally, because we are a local company we have strong ties in the area.  Our bail agents at Freaky Fast Bail Bonds have great connections with the Dakota County Jail, meaning we can use those relationships to offer you freaky fast service.  Many of them are residents of the Dakota County community themselves, living in Lakeville, Farmington, and Apple Valley.  We know the local community.  When you are in jail, the last thing you want is to be there any longer than you have to.  Freaky Fast Bail Bonds has the tools to process your bail bond and get you out of jail quickly.  We know what’s important and we know how to get it done.


Freaky Fast Bail Bonds
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