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Professional Bail Bonds Services Minneapolis Minnesota

Professional Bail Bonds Services Minneapolis Minnesota

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

A professional Bail Bond service will follow the Minnesota state laws and regulations.  Defendants and family should be careful not to hire Bail Bondsman that do not follow Minnesota State law and regulations.  For reputable law abiding Bail Bonds Minneapolis Minnesota based agents are ready to provide service 247 7 days a week.


The Bail Bond industry in Minnesota is regulated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce under state insurance statues.  Bail Bondsman in Minnesota hold residential insurance producer licenses that are issued by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

The Department of Commerce and the Minnesota Insurance statutes require a bail bond companies premium rates to be approved and filed with the Department of Commerce.  In Minnesota the filed premium rate is 10 percent of the bond amount.  If a Bail Bond agent is trying to charge more than 10 percent or offering a discount of less than 10 percent of the bond amount, the Bail agent is violating Minnesota state laws and regulations set up to protect the industry and consumers.  If a Bail agent is dishonest and lacks the integrity to follow the basic Minnesota Bail Bond laws, there is a good chance that they will prey upon their clients and charge illegal and excessive fees.

Any fees charged in addition to the 10 percent premium must be disclosed in a written Fee Disclosure Statement given to the consumer before an agreement or contract to provide Bail Bond service is executed. Doing business with a reputable Bail Bond Agency that follows Minnesota State laws and regulations will prevent disreputable bail agents and bond companies from taking advantage of clients who are in a bad situation to begin with.

The State Court Administrators Office (SCAO) in Saint Paul Minnesota also regulates Bail Bond agents and Bail bond companies in the State of Minnesota.  SCAO Prohibits Bail Bond agents from certain activities and types of solicitation.  One of the biggest regulatory violations that dishonest Bail Bond agents commit is soliciting Bail Bond clients in court rooms and areas adjacent to court rooms.  Bail Bond agents are prohibited from soliciting business in or around Court houses in Minnesota.

If you are solicited by a bail bond agent in a courtroom or area near the court room, you should report the violation to the Minnesota Department of Commerce or State Court Administrators Office for investigation.  You should never work with a Bail Bond agent who is soliciting business in a court room, because it means they have a total disregard for the law and regulations that protect consumers.  A Bail Bond agent who breaks the laws and regulations for their own profit will likely break other laws, overcharge clients, and deceive clients by not providing fee disclosures.

Bail Bondsman should never accept favors or services for payment of a bond.  The proper payment for a Bail Bond is Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money order, or Collateral only when a receipt is provided for the Collateral.

If you have any suspicion that a Bail Bondsman is not following Minnesota State laws and regulations, you should call a reputable Minnesota Bail Bondsman.  Bail Bonds Minneapolis Minnesota based agents are available 247 to offer lawful and reputable service for the entire state of Minnesota.


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